How the whole thing works.

01 Getting started

Exploratory Call

02 The Journey

Your Cohort
Your Personal Mentorship

You have a 30 minute call with one of our staff to see if Sojourners might be right for you. We give you a more detailed overview and try to answer any of your questions. Contact us to set it up.

Once we’ve had a chance to speak with you, and you decide that you’re interested, you write an application and give us general information about yourself.

Our team speaks with you for 30 minutes to see if you’d be a good fit for our upcoming cohort.

The cohort experience is more than a class; it’s a journey with people from similar and different walks of life. Together you’ll get to know each other, discover ancient texts and new ideas. You’ll break bread together, explore a range of Jewish experiences, and celebrate the magic of the Jewish calendar. Oh, and we hope you’ll make connections that last a lifetime.

What happens when that spiritual existential crisis finally hits you? Who do you turn to for the questions you’re not covering in your group? How will you and your partner navigate religious observance and your upcoming holiday plans? Our teachers are more than course instructors, they are mentors and there for you every step of your Sojourner experience.