The values underneath everything we do.

In our tradition, they say the whole world is held up by three values. Below are the values that hold up the Sojourners experience. The rest is commentary.

Personal touch
Intellectual honesty and rigor
Principled pluralism

We let you know exactly what our process is from day one. We will answer each and every question you have until you feel you know exactly what we are about and what is going on.

There is no substitute for doing right by someone. Judaism is a lived practice and we walk the walk. We strive to treat each person with kindness and respect.

We get to know you, your story, your challenges, your questions, your process.  We will meet with you individually and respond to your questions.

We take this stuff seriously.  Our teachers are serious thinkers who think deeply and have read far and wide on the issues of the day.

We believe there are many paths to being a good Jew.  We do not pretend to know what is right for you.  We want to help a sojourner make the best possible choice they can for their life.  Our teachers and staff are reform, conservative, orthodox, and Just Jewish. 

We are proud Zionists who see Israel as a great political and cultural experiment of the Jewish people.  As part of that commitment, we recognize there is no one right way to engage with the modern state of Israel. We welcome a wide array of passions and opinions, disagreements and criticisms.  We don’t shy away from hard conversations and we do not believe in political litmus tests.