Why we are different.

Joining a family is never easy. Building a Jewish home is not for the faint hearted. We offer you the tools you need to use as you wish. Sojourners gives you a group of fellow travelers in the form of a weekly cohort. We provide you with outstanding educators and access to sensitive, compassionate mentors who invite you to share your questions and bring your feelings. If you like what you find, we offer continuing Jewish education at your level. Most importantly, we offer you transparency, so you know how to get what you want and find what you need.

Rabbi mentor
Beit Din
Continuing Jewish Education

When you do something big, like building a Jewish home, you need someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, to share hard times with, and to seek inspiration from.

So in addition to focusing on an individual’s journey, we also curate a community of seekers to walk this path together. We give you a room full of someones. Our hope is that you will make life-long friends through this experience, or at least a group of people to share in this new phase of your life.

Our rabbis are more than officiants. They are here to guide, support, and facilitate your experience every step of the way.

Our rabbis teach cohorts and meet one one one for more learning or counseling. They are spiritual resources and touchpoints for each sojourner before, during and after the cohort experience. Think Obi-Wan Kenobi, but without that super cool – and, honestly, very practical – natural-hued robe.

A Beit Din is a rabbinic court or literally house of law that is convened for conversion.

Not everyone wishes to go this path, but if you do, we offer two Batei Din (plural) options, a progressive and traditional route. While both core curricula are similar, each path has its own unique requirements for final conversion. Our rabbis will help you determine which pathway might better reflect your own religiosity and spiritual pursuits.

If you like Sojourners, we offer a wide variety of learning experiences in almost any city, on any topic you can think of. We do it in groups and one to one. You can also continue learning with a subset of your Sojourners class if you like.